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Sustainable Shift in Emollient Production


A Sustainable Shift in Emollient Production

In a pivotal Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), we conducted a comparative analysis of a waxy emollient manufactured through both chemical and enzymatic processes, employing SimaPro software and the Ecoinvent database. The system boundary encompassed the entire life cycle, from cradle to the final product distribution, with a functional unit defined as one ton of the emollient. Utilizing the EN 15804 method for analysis, our investigation revealed a substantial environmental difference between the two manufacturing processes. The Global Warming Potential (GWP) for the chemical process amounted to 4.188 tons of CO2 equivalent, whereas the enzymatic process demonstrated a significantly lower GWP of 2.030 tons of CO2 equivalent.

The results underscore a remarkable 52% reduction in environmental impacts for the enzymatic process compared to the chemical counterpart, positioning it as a more sustainable alternative. This shift not only aligns with our commitment to minimizing ecological footprints but also provides a concrete roadmap for future manufacturing decisions. By leveraging these LCA insights, we aim to foster a more environmentally responsible approach in the production of waxy emollients, demonstrating the tangible benefits of embracing greener processes within the cosmetics industry.